AR Learning - Science Pack

The AR Learning Science Pack consists of ten Science-based learning resources that use the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to bring Science to life using interactive 3D virtual models.

Each activity contains a worksheet that provides a context for the activity, guidance on how to carry out the experiment and instructions on what data to collect. There are also going further activities helping pupils to extend the knowledge gained.

The ten activities are drawn from Chemistry, Physics and Biology and include:

Polymerisation Catalytic convertors
Hydrogen and Oxygen reaction  
Lunar lander Moon phases
Wind turbine Star evolution
Brain power Foetus development

The resources have been developed by Tintisha Technologies (

Augmented Reality
Software Features: 
  • Secure online access via
  • No download or install required.
  • Features Augmented Reality, combining the real world with virtual content.
  • Downloadable 'markers' and worksheet for each resource.
  • Ten different Augmented Reality resources in a single package, containing over 20 3D models.
  • Simple 'user code' login system.
  • Windows and Mac compatible.
  • Licenses not tied to individual computers, which enables students to access resources from around your campus.

Software Developer: 
Tintisha Technologies
30 seat license: £119 (+ VAT)
50 seat license: £199 (+ VAT)
Age Range/Key Stage: 
3 - 5
View Screenshots: 
Windows and Mac
System Requirements: 
Minimum recommended:
  • Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.5
  • 2.4Ghz processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • Good quality webcam (HD webcam recommended), and microphone
  • Printer (for printing augmented reality markers)
  • Web browser (Chrome, Firefox or IE8+)
  • Adobe Flash player 10+
Delivery Method: 
Online access
Order info: 
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