Q. Can I order by phone or fax?

A. Yes, we are happy to take orders by phone or fax.
Tel: +44 (0) 1455 289189, Fax: +44 (0) 1455 284 990.

Q. Will the software work on a Mac?

A. Some of the software we sell is compatible with Macintosh computers. Please see 'Platform' on the product page.

Q. When can I expect delivery?

A. We aim to post out your software within three days of verifying your order.

Q. I do not have a purchase order number, can I still order?

A. In order for us to invoice your school/college/university, we will need some kind of order number or reference from your accounts department.

Q. Can your software be used across a network?

A. Most of our software can be used across a network up to the number of users for which you have purchased a license. Network compatibility is listed under 'System requirements' on the product page.

Q. I have lost my serial number, where can I get a new one?

A. The serial number for the majority of our products is printed on a label attached to the DVD case, or printed directly onto the disc. If however you still cannot find your serial number, please contact us with your full name, school name, email address, order details and receipt of proof of purchase. We will then send you out a new serial number via email.

Q. Can I make a copy of the disc that you send out to me?

A. Please see the license agreement that comes with your software. A single copy for backup purposes is usually deemed acceptable, however we do not allow for multiple copies to be made in order to resell or share.

Q. Can other teachers/classes in my school use the software?

A. We have no problem with other teachers/classes using your purchased software, however you are restricted to the number of user licences that you have purchased.

Q. I have a technical problem with the software, who can I contact?

A. SoftJuice provide full technical support. Please use our contact form.

Q. I need to return my product, what/where is your returns policy?

A. You can return your product within 10 days of delivery. For more information see our returns policy on our terms and conditions page.

Q. Do you accept credit card payments?

A. We do not currently accept credit card payments.

Q. Would you sell my software on this website?

A. We are always looking for new and exciting software to sell on our website. Please contact us to discuss this.

Q. Are any of your software titles 'SCORM' compliant?

A. If a product is SCORM compliant, it will be listed under 'software features' in the product description.

Q. I have placed my order, what next?

A. We will verify your order, usually with an email or a phone call, and we will then send out your software to you, followed by an invoice (to be paid within 30 days).


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