Language Aid: English - Chinese

Language Aid is a unique digital dictionary that brings together sound, images and text to give you a rich, interactive learning experience.

Simply search for a word (in English) and Language Aid will show you the direct translation in Chinese, the Pinyin character and measure word (if available), a photo representing the word, a description of the word, a sample sentence and two sound clips.

You can then record and listen back to your own pronunciation of the word.

Software Features: 
  • a searchable 800+ word bank
  • Pinyin characters alongside English and Mandarin words
  • superb photographs with explanations for each dictionary word
  • sample phrase and sound clip for each dictionary word
  • high quality sound clip for each dictionary word
  • record and playback facility to enable the user to listen back to their pronunciation
  • Extensive help manual (PDF)
Software Developer: 
Tintisha Technologies
CD & 5 user license: £49.99 (+ VAT)
Additional 5 user license: £25 (+ VAT)
Age Range/Key Stage: 
Key stage 2 - 4 (or anyone wishing to learn Chinese Mandarin from scratch)
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System Requirements: 
  • Windows 2000 or later
  • Approximately 200mb free disk space
  • PC microphone (for recording voice)
  • PC speakers (for playback of voice recordings and sound clips)
  • CD-Rom Drive
  • Works on a network or standalone PC
Delivery Method: 
By post
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